Do You Use It? Versions

I learned how to use versioning on a Univac 1108/1110 when, out of necessity, the Computer Science building got hit by lightning, and all of my FASTRAN-based files got cooked (FASTRAN was the hard drive of choice in '73 for a FURPUR-driven Univac). I had my files on a 9-track tape that I carried around with me. That was my β€œre-version.” But I was one of the SYSOPS for the remote engineering (down the hill from CompSci) center. Since it was a pretty catastrophic failure of the storage system, I also learned a very hard lesson about backing up! (Thanks for the rewind to Univac, @fellwalker57 !)

My use of versioning is that β€œI use it whenever I can get it in an app that supports it.” And for some of my scripting work, I usually do my own -v##-ISO8601DATE. Fortunately, I have a TextExpander macro that expands β€œfdate” to β€œ2024-05-14” (for today). If more apps would use versioning, I would sleep better. For writing, I’m less inclined to use versioning than I am when I’m scripting.