Do You Use It? Stage Manager on the Mac

In macOS 13 Ventura, Apple introduced Stage Manager for the Mac, offering a new windowing paradigm. Julio Ojeda-Zapata wrote “First Impressions: Stage Manager on the iPad and Mac” a year ago. To what extent have TidBITS readers adopted it on the Mac? Please vote in the poll below.

Do you use Stage Manager on the Mac?
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To make this complicated, I have Ventura on 3 Macs that I use, some more than others, and I use Stage Manager on two of them. On the third it’s a lower resolution display and I want as much screen space as. possible for the app I’m using primarily.

Also, while I like Stage Manager most of the time, there are times when it gets in the way a bit.


I’m not running Ventura, so I don’t have the option. But for what I do, I don’t think it will offer me much advantage over what I do today (quit apps I’m not actively using, hide those running in the background and move some stuff to other spaces if the desktop gets very cluttered).

I have a 14" MBP. I only use Stage Manager when connected to my 32" external monitor. The built in monitor is a bit too small for it to work for me.

Yes, I use it and like it.

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I use Mission Control to organize multiple virtual desktops. With a trackpad, its trivial to switch betwwen them without invoking Mission Control. So, I don’t see what advantages Stage Manager would provide me.


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In my office I use multiple screens on both my desktop and laptop machines. For Adobe Premiere Pro projects I use two external screens for Premiere windows and the MacBook Pro screen for script and notes. A similar approach is used for Tax Preparation and Estate Management. Universal Control makes easy access to other apps on my Mini as necessary. A similar approach is used for Tax Preparation and Estate Management.

iPad use is generally for reading equipment manuals in the field and other single task usage.

Bottom line: I don’t use Stage Manager because I have not yet seen any advantage to Stage Manager which would justify pausing my activities to learn how to use it.

I switched from Mission Control to Stage Manager. I find SM fits my needs better.

I am running High Sierra on my 2010 MacBook Pro. I don’t even know what Stage Manager is/does!

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That’s because it’s available only in macOS 13 Ventura. :slight_smile:

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I have a MB Air. I’ve been using Stage Manager for a few months, and I really like it. But, I also use Alfred a lot to call up applications. If I had a larger screen, I’m sure I’d use Stage Manager even more.

I’m used to having a lot of windows open at once, all the time. For work I’ve got browser windows (several, with different profiles in them), editor windows (several, for different sub-projects), Slack, Mail, Terminal, and a few more. I was doing okay just having them all stacked in their various places, but I find Stage Manager cleans things up just the right amount, so that I can focus on what I want, without losing track of windows that I’m not focused on. It’s a little buggy, though, so sometimes windows do weird flickering dances. It’s the best window management tool I’ve seen yet for how I like to work.

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Among those of you who use Stage Manager, have you switched from using Misson Control managed virtual desktops? If so, what advantages do you see?

I’m really comfortable with the set of virtual desktops I’m using and haven’t felt the need to switch (or even use them both?), but I’m curious if it’s worth the effort even to try.


For some reason I was never happy with Mission Control and Virtual Desktops. I tried to adapt to it several times but it just felt clunky. Stage Manager just clicks with me.

I sit with an M1 MB Air & an external monitor — this is how I organise what I’m working on. (Lists & overviews on the Air, task windows on the external — I know many others who have similar working habits…)

As soon as I implemented Stage Manager I disliked it. Disabling it on all devices was something I did quickly. Sorry Apple, I love you, but I wasn’t surprised by the survey result here at TidBITS!

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Totalspaces was superior.

I checked it out and found it unnecessary for my personal preferences and workflow. (I have a single 4K screen, but I use virtual desktops and assign certain apps to certain desktops, which keeps my photo catalog and photo editor away from my email and web browsing. That’s all I need.) I also found it doesn’t run perfectly smoothly on my 2018 Mac mini, so I didn’t feel compelled to try harder.

I did try it for a while but didn’t find it that helpful. Maybe I am missing something …?

I have three monitors on my Mac and to use Stage Manager I’d have to turn on “Monitors have separate spaces” which I hated when I tried it.

I use four or five spaces and use Mission Control to move around / find things so I’m ok without Stage Manager. But I’d like to have the option without putting my monitors into separate spaces.