Do You Use It? Mac Web Browsers

Apple introduced its Safari Web browser in 2003 in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, and it has been a fixture of the Mac experience ever since. However, Safari has long had significant competition from cross-platform browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and, more recently, a host of upstarts.

Although Safari is almost certainly the most popular browser among Mac users, I’m curious how other browsers fare among TidBITS readers. Please vote for those browsers that you use at least occasionally, and tell us why you use each one.

This poll grew out of a reader-generated discussion asking which Web browsers people use. If you already contributed to that discussion, please vote in the poll, but there’s no need to repost your reasons below.

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I use Safari as my browser. Some transactional site find it troubling so I use Firefox. I use Safari, Firefox and Chrome to check my HTML.


As I mentioned in the prior thread, I primarily use Firefox. Mostly because I use Macs, Windows PCs and Linux PCs and it provides me the same interface, with the same skins and plugins on all three platforms.

I occasionally use Safari and Edge, but usually only if Firefox doesn’t work on a page. Safari because it’s an Apple standard. Edge because it’s also cross-platform, is based on Chromium, and is not from Google.

I suppose I should consider dropping Edge and instead get Chromium project builds, so I can get the engine without any corporate customizations. But I use it so rarely I don’t think it will matter much.

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Safari is my main browser. I open a page in Google Chrome only when Safari has trouble with it (for example, constantly reloads it).

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Previously Safari was primary with Brave secondary, and Vivaldi tertiary. Since I can’t go past MacOS 10.13.6 on my iMac, Safari is not working more & more, and it looks like Brave is about to follow suit so I’m trying out FireFox ESR. I didn’t check Tor in the poll because it is built into Brave for use with private windows. Oh, I still have the latest version of iCab that was released this year.

Safari, primarily, with Arc on one machine for possible wider adoption.
Firefox from time to time.
Edge, as my employer requires it for certain data access.

Firefox as primary browser.

Safari for stuff where I need to be logged into my Google account (and about 1 site that doesn’t work well on Firefox).

Chrome for Google Meet (which doesn’t fully work on either Firefox or Safari).

Opera for very occasional web compatibility testing.

Used Brave several years ago when Adam recommended it but it seemed to cause issues on my system so I reverted to Safari.

Recently started using Brave again and not noticing the previous issues. So now I’d say I’m using Brave/Safari 60/40.

I have Chrome on my system but only use it when something seems not to work on the other two.

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Changed back to Safari under Ventura after a year or two of using Firefox under Mojave. My main concern has been keeping up with security updates.
Once upon a time web pages simply presented text, images and hyperlinks to similar, simple webpages. They have gradually become more complicated with “features” to manipulate the browsing computer (I can understand why Steve Jobs dumped Javascript). Most recent browser security updates seem to be associated with Webkit - whatever that is.

I recently moved from Chrome to Safari. That’s working well. Every once in awhile I find a site not opening on Safari and then go to Chrome, but it is rare.

Safari is my main browser, Firefox the rare times a site doesn’t work in Safari

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I primarily used Opera as my browser because I could block tracking. I was annoyed by the numerous ads for items of no personal interest. I used DuckDuckGo mostly as a search engine for similar reasons.

I had to use Safari occasionally because some websites had tight security that only recognized a few browsers including Safari.

In the recent past, I have started using Arc as my main browser. The ‘jury’ is still out but the trend is very promising. The targeted ads have not reappeared, thankfully.

Chrome is my main browser, but I keep Safari and Firefox around for checking websites (we build them) and for the rare cases that something doesn’t work in Chrome but works in something else.

On the iPhone, I mainly use Safari (not that you asked). I downloaded Chrome but rarely use it. I don’t care about syncing bookmarks between devices.

Firefox for stuff I consider “high risk” (, LinkedIn). and Safari for everything else. (Both have DuckDuckGo as search engine, and pretty much all security features plus adblocker plugins. Asking which plugins people use might be an interesting ‘next question’.)

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Arc as main now, then Edge, then Safari on Mac, Edge on iPhone and iPad.

Safari is my primary browser. I use Brave as a secondary and Chrome if both primary and secondary choke on a site. Before I retired, the school district I worked for was optimized for Chrome, so I used it much more then.

I use Safari for almost all my browsing - but Chrome for some specific situations: (1) to to print to PDF when the source page has lots of images (Safari usually just leaves them blank); and (2) to purchase items from the Woot (Amazon discount) site because the checkout process in Safari doesn’t work (the pages are zoomed in so much they are not functional).


I use Safari primarily, but usually end up switching to Firefox on my older machines after Safari starts slowing down massively…

I almost always use Safari. It does what I need it ti do and I trust Apple for privacy and safety more than I do other companies. I use Firefox only when Safari won’t work for the website I am using. That hasn’t happened for a long time.

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I use Safari in all cases except for the rare occasional site that doesn’t work with it. For that site I use Firefox.

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