Do You Use It? Apple’s Weather Leads a Wide Array of Popular Alternatives

Originally published at: Do You Use It? Apple’s Weather Leads a Wide Array of Popular Alternatives - TidBITS

After a pair of polls, we’ve found that TidBITS readers overwhelmingly use Apple’s Weather app on their iPhones, but they also rely on a vast number of other apps and websites. And lots of people miss Dark Sky.


A little surprised that Radar Omega didn’t make the list of alternate (albeit somewhat specialized) forecast and weather apps. I was turned on to it by the Ryan Hall Y’All YouTube channel and I’ve been finding it most informative.

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Pretty interesting! (disclaimer; I work for Environment Canada’s weather data dissemination, thus my interest!)

May I add a website that weather lovers may like? The open source MSC AniMet tool and website. It basically allows anyone to create their own customized weather animations out of 8,000 layers. (no ads, no nonsense, just freely available open data and open source code)

For forest fire smoke and hotspots over North America? Here it is: msc-animet

Just North American weather radar? msc-animet

Easy to have a lot of fun… and fully customized weather layers! :-) Enjoy – Alex


And this website is excellent!

Menu at bottom left of screen

For current and past precipitation in the USA (and a few other places), (Community Cooperative Rain, Hail and Snow network) displays the collected daily reports of thousands of volunteers. It works best on a large screen, IMO.

You missed one Focused Weather app that I use a lot: Drive Weather. I travel by RV in the summer, and this app gives me the weather along the route.

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Whoa, that’s seriously cool! Thanks for sharing.

I’ll have to spend some time playing…

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Someone wrote in to mention Flowx, which is apparently a popular and highly customizable Android app now available for iOS.