Do I need some security checking software:

I’m getting a whole bunch of spam lately (I used to get a couple a week, now it’s 100 a day). I just worry that perhaps one of them could have infected my Mac? I don’t have any issues I’ve noticed and I never open a suspicious email. But should I have something installed like the old Norton Utilities I used many years ago? Anyone have a recommendation?Thank you.

Very, very unlikely as long as you never respond to any of it.

If it makes you feel any better, install DetectX Swift or Malwarebytes or Virus Barrier Scanner (all free), run it once to check and you won’t need to run it again unless you detect some weirdness in your Mac’s operation.


If you are using MacMail, I recommend using SpamSieve to get rid of the spam. It works great for me. I can also train messages as spam or as good.

Thank you both for your suggestions! I will give them a try but I think Al is right, I don’t need to worry if I didn’t click anything!