"Dismiss All" Notifications

When I click on my “Avatar” a list of notifications as deep as my screen appears. If I click on the notifications “Bell” icon, it takes me to the Notifications page with a column of choices to the left including "Dismiss All, which is ghosted. I would very much like to do that, but am frustrated.


Huh! That seems to work when I try it just now. Are others seeing this as well?

Are we discussing the existence of notifications, or read vs. unread notifications? I see exactly what the OP reports, but it doesn’t strike me as unusual or undesirable, since I’m interpreting the word “Dismiss” to mean “mark as read”. I see a long list of notifications, but mine have all been read, so the disabled state of the “Dismiss All” button makes sense to me.

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It’s just a lot of clutter, particularly, in clicking on my “W” icon (where mostly I just want to log out). Many of these topics are done. I would rather just get the four-icon tool/menu bar than have the longest of the them instantly dumped.

Why do you want to log out, other than if you’re using a public computer?

I’m not quite sure what the problem is here. If you click your avatar, you see all your notifications (a core concept in Discourse), with the unread ones highlighted. If you click Dismiss at the bottom of the list, the highlight goes away—you’re marking them as read.

And if you’re logging out, the contents of the Notifications tab are irrelevant since you’re switch to the Account tab with the silhouette icon anyway, and the notifications don’t get in the way.

When I clicked on “W” before I came to this thread, there was nothing to distinguish that there was any thing unread, nor have I ever seen anything to distinguish read from unread there.

Must be doing something wrong… :-}

Hmm, here’s what I see, for instance. The blue highlighted items are posts I haven’t read yet. Others I have read.

Brave Browser 2022-09-19 at 17.07.05

Until just now, mine were all blue. Either way I just see it as clutter and redundant clutter at that, but clearly no one else cares. So never mind.

Yeah, they’ll be that if you never clear them. That notification highlighting is only useful if you’re using Discourse’s Web interface for keeping up with what’s changed. Otherwise, yeah, just ignore it.