Disk weirdness

iMac Pro, Catalina. The internal SSD was getting full, so yesterday I moved 450GB-odd to an external disk, deleted the files and emptied the Trash. Initially, nothing changed: “show info” reported that the disk remained full. I ran Disk Utility, which reported no problems, but the “show info” display didn’t change.

Today, it’s even odder: screen grab attached. What on earth is going on? I feel I should worry, at least a little.



Have you restarted?

Sounds like this may be a case of Time Machine local snapshots. If there are snapshots of your file system, then deleting files won’t free the space until all of the snapshots containing the file are also deleted.

It would appear that some time between yesterday and today, macOS purged one or more snapshots, freeing up the space occupied by those files you deleted.

Yes, I restarted in the morning, which I suppose accounts for the change in the nature of the weirdness. However, I don’t really see how Time Machine snapshots can result in deleting 450GB of photos having no effect on free space (weirdness 1); and I’m having difficulty understanding how a 1TB disk can now have 444GB used and still have 1.06TB free (weirdness 2).