Disappearing storage after iOS 17 update

Haven’t seen much out there about this, but I hope it helps others:

After painstakingly removing just enough content from my suddenly “full” 128GB 2020 SE to allow an update from iOS 17 to 17.0.1, my storage dropped from about 122 GB to 79 GB.

I haven’t come across that issue but, as I reported in another post, I had to temporarily remove a large navigation app in order to install the update.
Interesting that when I got the message that there was insufficient space to install I checked the Storage settings and the update was high up in the list (~1.5Gb?). So it had managed to download but not install.
That doesn’t explain your loss of 10s of Gb!
Note that I did have to restart the iPhone to get Carplay to work and recommend this after any major update. That might clean out some fluff from memory.

Simple restarts repeatedly failed to dent my problem.

You might try making a backup, erasing the iPhone, and restoring. It’s pretty easy these days.

Well, in this case, I had backed up the phone beforehand—but it nigh filled my MacBook Air, so I deleted it once a spot check confirmed the iPhone hadn’t lost anything with iOS 17. Unfortunately, I ID’d the storage problem after deleting the backup.

Again, fortunately, the update to iOS 17.0.1 solved the problem—and, for reasons that elude me, freed a huge amount of iPhone storage space.

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