Disabling email notifications for shared Reminders lists

Ok, I have spent a long time looking through settings and for the life of me cannot figure this out. Maybe one of the wise TidBITS Talk members can?

I have a list in Reminders that I share with my wife. We add things, mark them as completed, etc. and it updates in our respective Reminders apps on our Macs and iPhones. This is great.

I recently added my parents to the list. Now whenever anyone adds, updates, or deletes an item from the list, they both get an email notification about it. And if one of them adds, updates, or deletes an item from the list, both my wife and I get an email notification about the change. However, if my wife or I make a change to the list, we continue to not receive an email notification (though they do).

The email notifications are extremely annoying, for all involved. I cannot for the life of me find a way to disable them. I even signed into iCloud.com and looked in the preferences there, but there are no settings for Reminders and disabling email notifications in Calendar seems to have no effect. Any ideas?

I think this is a “feature” and I suspect that you and your wife are in the same Family Sharing and your parents are not.

Nope, no Family Sharing at all. And I’ve never received email alerts for shared Reminder lists with her. Is it possible this used to be controlled by the iCloud.com Calendar setting and so I have it set to disabled, but now it can’t be changed?

Got me stumped then, that was my only good idea. I found This on imore, but it’s from 2014.

Thanks. I’d come across that the other day which is what made me think that at one point these preferences were connected, but the link has somehow been severed now. So maddening. :angry: Thanks for the suggestions though!