DetectX Swift and Phil Stokes

Morning: Wondering if he has closed up shop. Been using his DetectX Swift and not sure I donated so was going to try to donate, and it would not go through. Can’t find hide nor hair of Phil to move forward. Since I know he has been a tremendous asset for us in Mac, I’m concerned about the reason he doesn’t show up on my searches. Not trying to set up rumors or invade privacy, just inquisitive. Best, Patrick

He is just busy with his day job at SentinelOne. He posted the following to his DetectX Slack Workspace at the end of January:

The current status is that I’m still updating the “signatures” remotely so that it remains relevant with the latest threats, but there will be no application update for the current version (i.e, no bug fixes or improved detection logic).

Going forward, my plan is still to rewrite DetectX but that’s a project that I’ve started and stopped at least half a dozen times in the last couple of years and in all reality isn’t likely to happen until the current version stops working.

As I’ve said elsewhere/before, I use (need) DTXS in my work. When Apple break it, I’ll be forced to rewrite it. But without that incentive, there simply isn’t time.

Also, some ppl have noticed that the home site has gone dead. It’s still there, I just dropped paying for the domain name. The “it’ll live forever” (or until Wordpress go bust) address is:

OH, thank you and I’m glad to hear the good news.
Best, Patrick