Desktop Screen Size

I’ve noticed that the dock (or menu) don’t fully show unless I move the pointer down - then the other one doesn’t show. Move the pointer up and I get the full menu but lose dock at bottom. Similarly with the Desktop L/R. The items displayed on the right that are in Desktop. If I move the pointer to the right, they show - but the left side is hidden.

Sounds like you have the screen zoomed in. The system pans right, left, up, or down as needed to show the parts you need.

Check System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom to see if you have enabled keyboard shortcuts or scroll gesture to zoom in, then use that method to zoom back out to see the entire screen.


Thank you. It worked as you advertised. Don’t know how how or why I was in Zoom, but…out now.

Ctrl-scroll up/down. Works with a mouse scroll wheel and two fingers on a trackpad.