Delete iOS Message Groups/Threads Feature

There used to be a feature wherein one could navigate to an area to
delete saved, or recent threads or group texts.
Does that still exist in the current iOS for Apple Messages app?

I believe that I read that this is a feature coming with iOS 16. I actually never recall there being such an option on iOS; definitely not on iOS 15.

In my case I am referring not so much about deletion of messages per se, but the ability
to “delete” i.e. eliminate a recent grouping or group-sent thread.
It may have been iOS 14 that had the feature.
Let’s say I’ve been texting in a number of different threads with persons
A,B,C, and a group with A,B,C and D, and perhaps other combinations
Then I want to text individual A.
When keying in individual A what appears first is allof the various combinations containing A
and I have to scroll by all the various combinations in order to choose that individual…

A feature used to exist that allowed me to clear any/all recent text groupings.
That way, when I want text and individual I don’t have to scroll through the whole array
of recent groups, i.e. clutter

P.S. if I recall correctly the navigation to this was via an info tap for the group in the app