Decided not to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro

After thinking about it, and looking at the new iPhone 13 Pro again in the store, I decided not to upgrade this cycle again.

  1. My current iPhone X is still fine, and it’s still under monthly Apple care warranty. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  2. Yes, the new camera on the iPhone 13 Pro has better specs. And it might be better in low light conditions. And the telephoto might be better, etc. But the fact of the matter is for 99% of my daily use it probably doesn’t make a difference. A friend posted a photo on Facebook the other day of the full moon taken with his smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy, and it was amazing. I couldn’t believe it was taken with a smart phone. It turns out that Galaxy has 20 times optical zoom! Now that is interesting. Of course I don’t want to leave the Apple ecosystem, but why can’t Apple get a telephoto like that?

  3. it just feels a little bit over consumerism for me at the moment considering I just got my new MacBook Pro.

  4. The new iPhone 13 Pro feels heavier and bulkier than my current iPhone X. In fact it weighs 30 g more. When I was holding it in the store a couple of days ago I actually felt the difference. Maybe next year they’ll find a way of making it slimmer and lighter.

So anyway, I’m going to wait and see what the 14 looks like.


This time last year, I had a physically trashed iPhone 7, and iPhone 12 was just out. I opted for iPhone 11 (which 2 weeks previously had been the primo, top of the line model). It surpasses all my expectations and I expect I’ll be happy with it for several years, at least until something needs changing and I forget how I broke my iPhone 7’s TouchID button while changing the broken screen.

The “sizzle” stuff like 5G is still in the process of rolling out, and since most of my internet consumption on my iPhone comes while I’m connected to very fast WiFi, it’s just not tempting.

I’m seeing a lot of those Samsung moon photos, and I think it’s their killer feature. Put that kind of optical zoom and AI exposure into an iPhone and Apple will really see their sales rocket.

I’d upgrade for sure then. Even if Apple claims it’s their original feature. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I agree there’s nothing super-compelling about the 13 (at least for me). But, I’ve decided to cast my lot with AT&T (for various reasons), and since they were basically giving away the phone (for an extension on their lease on your soul), I went ahead and traded in my XS Max for a 13 Pro Max. I like it and all, but it is a bit thicker and a bit heaver. Better battery life, for sure, and the camera is amazing.