Couple of bluetooth questions

  1. I have an older laptop setup with an iTunes library and stream that in my office to a small BT speaker. When it’s nice, though, I like to sit outside and work. Apparently I can connect to the laptop if I bring the speaker outside with me, but it’s just static. Is there some sort of extender that will allow it to reach better? I find the same if I move the speaker around the house, once I go downstairs I am better off just leaving it on one of the steps as the BT does not seem to go through the floor well (i.e. if I place it in the room beneath the laptop, it won’t work, but it will go down the hall and down most of the stairs ok)

I realize I could always stream something from my main laptop or phone, but apparently I have to manually disconnect the old laptop before connecting a new device (to the speaker) then I have to redo the process when I bring the speaker back upstairs.

  1. We recently took a trip. I typically hook the phone to the car via BT and run music and Maps that way. We bought along a Sirius unit which used the FM tuner so I could not hear the GPS at all, even though the phone. I think I would have had to manually disconnect the BT link between the phone and stereo, and then reconnect it when we wanted to listen to phone music. Is this correct and is there a way around that?

<I like BT but haven’t gotten the hang of all the nuances yet>

I don’t think there are hard and fast answers with Bluetooth ever. It’s a generally flaky technology, which accounts for the various irritations in switching between devices, and its range isn’t that good with Bluetooth 4.0 (should be improving with Bluetooth 5.0). I’m unaware of any extenders.