CopyPaste Pro 3.7.92

Originally published at: CopyPaste Pro 3.7.92 - TidBITS

Multiple-clipboard utility adds support for macOS 12 Monterey. ($30 new, free update, 3.3 MB, macOS 10.13+)

I was disappointed with this version (3.7.92) as
(1) I could not paste by pressing the P button. Only could drag from palette to text (Word 2019 for MAC)
(2) after pasting by dragging, keyboard would lag and I had to restart to fix problem, everytime!
(3) CopyPaste Pro works much better with version 3.7.93 (available from
(4) after 20 years of using CopyPaste Pro, I am thinking about switching to Pastebot which seems to work more smoothly and does not require as many too late updates.Pastebot does not have all the tools Copypaste Pro has. I am sorry Julian; but, I will be using both apps and if CopyPaste Pro charges me for future updates, I probably will not pay for upgrade. Sorry Julian Miller.

CPP is my go-to pasteboard management tool. Some time ago, at least a year, it started having crazy problems with Typinator. I went to Copy’em which worked in my environment, but I wouldn’t say I liked it, but it worked.

I had high hopes for v3.7.92 but alas problems still exist. I’m going to do more troubleshooting. Perhaps something else is causing the problem.

Has anyone else had a Typinator CopyPate Pro problem?