Copying cookies?

Safari, Monterey.

How do I find cookies left by a site on one Mac, so I can copy them to another?

Debug menu > Web Inspector > Storage > Cookies

And thank you Jeremy for your classic app Apollo from 1992, which I still use on System 7 (running on a Macintosh Classic and an iPad Pro!)

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Wow! That has given me a very pleasant, warm glow. Thank you.

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Slight correction:

Develop menu > Web Inspector > Storage > Cookies

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Yes, I found it - but I have now enabled the Debug menu, which might come in handy. I don’t see from that display how to locate the cookies on disk, though.

I don’t believe they exist as files on disk these days. Back in the day they did, but not now.

You can double click a cookie value to edit or copy it. Right click context menu too.

The web inspector should be able to do what to want to do, no need to go anywhere else. I often use this method to edit expiry dates of certain cookies into the far future.

I’ve not tried recreating a cookie in another browser but it should be possible.

You could use a line of JavaScript to create it if you can’t get the web inspector to do it.