Controlling data usage in a capped environment

I’m at a summer cottage where Internet service is provided by an ISP that does not make unlimited data plans available. No other providers exist in the area.

So my plan provides 75 GB per month. Should be enough, but watching a couple of hours of Netflix can use ~2 GB, even with Netflix set to SD quality. And other streamers, e.g. Acorn or Apple TV+ don’t offer controls on Quality.

So I have to be careful about what apps are using data. During last night, about 3GB of data were used. I can’t find out what app was active.

I suspect iCloud. I have turned off automatic backups, but turning off iCloud photos, for example, will remove all 45K of my photos from my iPad. I’m not quite ready to take that step.

So I wonder if there are apps that would give me a report of data usage day by day, by each app that is active. And if there is a way to find out which iCloud services are active?

We get so used to cloud services in an unlimited data environment in cities, that it’s hard to figure out what to disable in an environment where data is capped.

Any advice would be most welcome.