Control iPad with 2021 Apple TV Remote

Is it possible to control e.g. an iPad with the new ATV remote?

I have limited bandwidth and data cap at my cottage - 10%er problem, I know - so I loaded up the iPad with videos when I was at an unlimited day a location. Since Netflix does not support Airport lay, I have to be se a cable to connect to the TV.

It would be nice to be able to use the remote to Pause, Rewind, etc.

I seriously doubt that it could. If there’s a way to pair the new TV remote to an iPad, I don’t know what it is. It is, of course, able to control the TV out-of-the-box, but in order to have it control volume on your TV or a different TV, you have to hold down “Back” and “Voume-Up” keys for 2 seconds while the remote is within 3-4 inches from the TV, so perhaps that would work, but I’m not ready to try it.

Unlikely but see this thread for other options for an iPad remote:

There are more Satechi products here but I have no experience with them:

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions. I think I’ll leave things alone, post a feature request at Apple, and hope for the best.

Does this work with the current iPad models?

It’s not an iPad remote, it’s for the TV.

I checked out the IOS remote Satechi makes. They claim it’s compatible with the latest iPads, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty devastating.


What about just using a Bluetooth keyboard? Even a BT mouse should work for controlling play and pause.
There are PowerPoint presentation remotes-those might also do the trick.

Of course! That would work well. I was just hoping not to need another device.

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