Contacts: My Card not recognized by User

Symptom: The My Card with the user id is set to MyCard but when in Users & Groups under Info for the active use and selecting “Open Contact Card” a new contact is created with only the email address which is also used in the name.

Diagnosis: The issue is the KeyChain with a corrupt password or login entry

1.Open the keychain with the keychain access App. 2. 2. Do a search for your user ID
3. Delete all entries that are Apple related especially those relating to login, Apple passwords, and iCloud.
4. Restart your Mac
If you have deleted the offending file the issue should now be resolved.

Discussion: I literally spent an entire day troubleshooting this issue including backing up and deleting my all my contacts from Contacts, disabling Contacts from my iCloud account, stripping anything relating to Contacts or Address Book from my User Library, deleting my user account and then redoing it. (easy to do - See addendum) and a whole bunch of other stuff to no avail. After many hours I stumbled on this after trying everything else to fix it. Exhaustive internet research gave me no clue to the solution. There were no error messages regarding this. One of the symptoms was when importing a vcard with correct information in would suddenly disappear or be replaced with essentially a blank card with just the user ID. Another symptom was each time I clicked on “Open Contact Card” a new contact would be created with just the user id as the first name of the card and nothing else. That said I rarely if ever access the keychain with keychain access. So whatever corruption of it was due to MacOS. After a search this topic it is not covered in the Apple Forums.

Addendum: Deleting and Adding Back a User Account
Doing this may solve a host of issue such as permission, and corrupt preference as when linking back to the existing folder MacOS does a lot of bookkeeping, and checking often repairing issues.

  1. Create or login to an administrative account other than the one you are deleting.
  2. Go to System Settings, User and Groups
    3.Click the Info button of the account you wish to delete.
  3. Note the Account name and click on Delete Account
  4. When the next dialog box opens, Chose "Save as a Folder; Not delete or Archive.
  5. Reboot the computer and login to an administrative account
  6. Open up the drive that you are booted from and Click and Open the Users folder.
  7. Find the deleted account folder and edit the name to remove (deleted) from the name so that it has only the name of the account.
  8. Open System Settings and go to Users and Groups
  9. Add the deleted account back using the exact name of the original account before deletion. It wll ask if you wish to use the existing folder. Click “Yes”
  10. Reboot the computer
  11. Login to the restored account.
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