Contact print envelope names are last/first - any fix

(juggledad) #1

If you go to contacts and select a person and do a command-P you can print an envelope (selecte it from ‘Style’. The thing is the names come out last name, first name. I went back to a laptop with 10.8 on it and there it shows first name/last name. The option settings to change the display has no effect.

Has anyone else seen this and come up with a fix other than changing all the entries so you store a person. first name in the last name field and lsat name in the first name?


(Richard Rettke) #2

On my setup, (macOS 10.12.6, Contacts 10.0), first-last or last-first is definitely controlled by the contact preference Show First Name. It changes the sequence of display in both the contacts list and in the printing of envelopes, etc.

(juggledad) #3

Well that may be the change - I’m on 10.13.5 contacts V11 and while the preference Show First Name changes it in the display, on the envelopwe you get last name then first name. I’m thinking it is a bug…

Anyone else on 10.13.5 who could test this?

(Alan Forkosh) #4

I’m on 10.13.5 with Contacts Preferences set a s Show First Name before Last Name and sorting by Last Name. Envelopes print with First Name First. If I change to showing Last Name First, then envelopes print that way.

I would suggest possible corruption in your contact preferences. You might force the preferences to be rewritten by making a change in some item, quitting the app and then reopening the app and setting the preference back. Alternatively, you might remove the file from your ~/Library/Preferences folder to reset your cContavct preferences to default values and then reset them to your liking.

(Roger Parish) #5

My solution is EasyEnvelopes: $10 on the Mac App Store.

Roger D. Parish
Lovettsville, VA

(juggledad) #6

Thank you Alan - i deleted and now it is working fine!! I owe you a beer!

@rogerd.parish --I may just buy that. I had been using the EasyEnvelope widget for years, up until I upgraded to High Sierra last week and the widget no longet works. I suppose I could fork out the $10 for all the use I got out of the free widget :grin:

(Alan Forkosh) #7

Confession—I actually use EasyEnvelopes for my envelope printing. Historically it was because I always had problems with templates in Contact and WP programs. However, I like it because I use several different return addresses depending on whether the mail I’m sending is personal or as a representative of an organization.

The troubleshooting tip arose from my general experience. When I have an issue with an app and others, seemingly in the same configuration do not, it’s worth a try. Note that I usually do not immediately throw the old version in the trash. I find the simplest method to hide the old file is to compress it and delete the uncompressed version. If creating a new file solves the problem, I delete the compressed version; if not, I delete the new version and expand the compressed version leaving me in a position no worse than I started.