Connecting current iPad to MacBook Pro running High Sierra

I’m trying to transfer some music files from my MBP running High Sierra to my ipad (ios 16.7.2). When I plugged the ipad into the laptop I got a message saying the software on my laptop needed to be updated – it did not specify what would be updated, but I’m guessing it wants to update the laptop software – which I do not want to happen.


  1. Does anyone know what software on my MBP has to be updated?
  2. If it is the system, is there another way to transfer those music files to the ipad?
  3. And if I do manage to transfer the files, will they play on Apple music?

I have a similar system here.
Easily solved by using iMazing on the Mac

No connection, just a very satisfied customer with several new portable devices connected to an older Mac.

This question comes up now and then when someone tries to connect a Mac to an iDevice and the iDevice (or its version of iOS) is newer than what the Mac knows about. The user is greeted with a relatively uninfomative dialog box that asks if they would like to download a software update.

The software update is not a full macOS update. It is just a set of files that tell the Mac how to work with more recent versions of iOS/iPadOS and iDevices. Installing the update will not change the version of macOS that you are running. In general, you can install the software update without worries.


Thank you very much – that did it.

Looks interesting. I was able to finally connect by doing the software update, but the access is still limited via iTunes. This looks like it might be an option. Thank you.