Command D stops working in Mail app

I have been using command D to send messages in Apple Mail for a very long time. It is preconfigured next to Message >> Send
Suddenly it stopped working and just rings a bell
I am running Mojave 10.14.6 and mail Mail 12.4
I run Smallcubed Mailsuites and Spamseive plugins
Any idea how to make this shortcut come back?

Interesting. I am also running Mojave and Mail 12.4. For me, I have needed to press Command-Shift-D for at least back to El Capitan or Mavericks and that is what currently shows up as my default.

Could you have changed your key mapping sometime in the past? Have you ever used an application to customize keyboard commands?

Since you are likely very accustomed to using Command-D you can customize your keyboard settings:

Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac

You are right. It is preconfgured to command shift D. That is the combination I have been using, that didn’t work. I even wrote a simple Keyboard Maestro macro to forward mails to my wife with command Shift D that suddenly stopped working.
I tried it right now and it worked. So did you do something by writing me?
Give me a while and I’ll see if the capability came back

I traced it back to URL Manager 4.6. I upgraded to the 64 bit URL Manager 5 beta and the capability is back. It worked for a long time with the 4.6, so I don’t know
I also realized that my mailbox behaviour had mysteriously been reconfigured in Mail!