Coffee on my Magic Keyboard

Well, in the middle of the holiday muddle, I was trying to last minute order some gifts online because my wife needed my tremendous skills at the computer - NOT. I managed to tip over a coffee mug with only a small bit of coffee left in it. It was not even hot! Just coffee with a small amount of no sugar creamer in it. It was Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad I ordered with my 2019 iMac. I quickly turned it upside down, gently wiped the coffee off without any pressure so as to not force the liquid inside. It fit perfectly over the bathroom sink (honestly!) so only the edges were touching anything. I let it sit almost 24 hours, periodically wiping any fluid that was showing up, which was not very much at all.

So, when it seemed OK, I took a damp soft cloth and gently wiped the top of the keyboard and then gently dried it. After more time upside down and drying, it looked like all the keys were working fine. However, the spacebar sticks a bit - usually when I first start using it. Everything else is great. I used an iFixit iPod opener (looks like a large guitar pick) to very, very gently go around the spacebar and I could see it was breaking up some small spots of gunk.

Any ideas on how best I can complete the job of cleaning out the spacebar without damaging the keyboard? I ordered a replacement and have received it because this is my busiest time and I needed a good keyboard but I would rather hold onto the new one as a secure backup up. Thank heavens for the invaluable logitech k480 bluetooth keyboard I had stored away in a closet or I would have been in serious trouble!!

Suggestions most welcome here on how to fix the spacebar. Many thanks and a blessed holiday season to you all!