Cocktail / Maintain

(Jeremy Roussak) #1

Has anyone any recent experience of I’m a long-standing user of Cocktail. My registration key is no longer accepted and several emails to support at maintain have gone unanswered. Are they still in business?


(Mark Williamson) #2

Maybe they have been on holiday.

They released Cocktail 12.2.1 (Mojave Edition) just two weeks ago. I haven’t tried running it to see if it takes my key.

(Tommy Weir) #3

The most recent version requires re-purchase, their first charge in a long time, valid for the next five editions. Though I am uncertain if that is across the board or specific to me and when I first purchased it. I am a big fan of Cocktail, have used it for years.

Their email response to my query

Thank you very much for your email. Your license is only valid for High Sierra or earlier editions of Cocktail. You have to purchase a new license in order to use Cocktail (Mojave Edition).

Cocktail license can be purchased from our resellers, PayPro:[1][id]=36732&page-template=9402

or Paddle:

Cocktail (Mojave Edition) could work on your computer for a while due to a bug but is now asking you to register with a license valid for Cocktail (Mojave Edition) and five future editions.


(Jeremy Roussak) #4

Thanks, Tommy. After a couple of days of silence, they finally responded to my inquiry, exactly along those lines.

(The Mac Doctor, Inc.) #5

(B. Jefferson Le Blanc) #6

A new license for Mojave is not unreasonable considering all the changes to the macOS recently. No doubt it took a lot of work to get Cocktail to work in Mojave. I can’t remember the last time I paid for a Cocktail update. But I got this one, even though I don’t use Mojave much.