Cloudy experience with new iCloud

Apple’s new iCloud web interface, still in beta, has been getting mostly positive reviews. (Although one reviewer mentioned that few people use the web interface, which was a surprise to me; I use it all the time.)

So I decided to try the new beta (I was already logged in to my iCloud account) by clicking the ‘try the beta’ banner at the top of the traditional-interface web page. In the new page that started to appear, I could see a grayed-out image of the contents, basically correct but incomplete, in the background – complete with my username and email address – but superimposed over it was a big error message, “iCloud has stopped responding”… followed by a lot more error-related text, and a link asking me to “Send to Apple”. But every time I tried to send the error info to Apple, it just reloaded the same error page.

Then I tried a different route – to get into the beta, not by clicking the pagetop banner, but by going there directly. That failed for a different reason – it kept claiming (falsely) that I typed in my password wrong. Maybe because I was already logged in via another window (in the same browser) using the current interface? I didn’t bother logging out and back in the other way, etc…

So I can’t try the new beta, and I can’t even tell Apple that it’s not working for me. Maybe the problem is that I’m using the current ESR (Extended Support Release) version of Mac Firefox, 102.4.0esr, which is mostly intended for IT departments… and perhaps Apple’s beta assumes visitors are using Safari? The scary thing is, once the new beta becomes the only iCloud web, will I even be able to get in at all?

Anybody else have any experiences with Apple’s new iCloud web beta interface?

I had no problem accessing it in the latest version of Chrome and Firefox. The Firefox version was the 64-bit version of 106.0.2

Perhaps a plug-in or extension blocked the new iCloud beta? if so, you might want to report that to Apple and the deleoper of the plug-in in question.

Possibly… I do have a bunch of extensions and customizations in Firefox, including some to increase security and privacy (such as uBlock Origin). But I’m not going to spend a lot of time debugging and troubleshooting right now. (I’d rather spend that time improving my own website rather than theirs, frankly.)

But how can I best report my experience to Apple, as you suggest? The built-in “tell Apple” button in the beta page just reloaded the error, as I said.

Anyway, it’s good to hear that you can load the page in Firefox and Chrome.

Frankly, a report that says it doesn’t run under Firefox with [list of extensions] probably won’t do much good. If you could narrow it down, that would be information Apple could work with.

With regard to reporting the problem, the bug report icon opens up the Feedback Assistant program which provides the form for providing feedback on a bug to Apple. The program is actually available on all Macs but is hidden (see below). When you join a beta program, an alias to it is placed in your applications folder and it is also loaded to the Dock.

However, if you want to use it and haven’t exposed it via a beta program, you can still open it directly. I think you can just search for it via Spotlight. In Ventura (and I suspect most previous OSs), it is located at /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Feedback

When I use uBlock Origin and see problems like this, I click on the toolbar icon, hit the power button icon (which turns off uBO on that web site), and reload the page. It’s the first thing I try when I see a problem like you’re reporting.

I’ve been using Safari as my main browser for a few years now, but I still go into to Chrome (when I need to log in to Google services) or Firefox (if I have issues with Safari and want to see if it works in Firefox); so I don’t use uBO all that much anymore, but occasionally do.

Unsurprisingly it seems to work fine with Safari 16.0 on Monterey even with my adblockers turned on.

I rarely use the web interface but it looks like an interesting update and the ability to customise the landing page is nice. Strangely the one app I would like to have included on the home screen - FindMy - can’t be placed there.

“(and I suspect most previous OSs), it is located at /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Feedback”

Yep, I’m using High Sierra on this ancient Mac (Mac Pro cheese grater), and I just “backed up” a little over the path you gave and entered /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/ into the Finder’s Go to Folder command… and there it was, along with a group of other utilities I never even knew existed, 11 in all. Some of them look really interesting. Thank you!

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Most of these CoreServices apps are launched through a variety of other mechanisms (e.g. Screen Sharing is launched when you are browsing your network via Finder and then click the button to connect via screen sharing), but it is often more convenient to launch some of these directly (e.g. I have dragged Screen Sharing to the Dock on my Mac, so I can access it more easily).


MacOS 12.6, Safari 16.0

I had no problem accessing the Beta. I don’t normally access iCloud through the browser, but the Beta is very nice in my limited nosing around.