CLI networkQuality s in Ventura Wonky

I’ve been using this in Monterey well, but now in Ventura terminal keeps reverting to showing the man pages for networkQuality instead of gathering data to denote quality of network. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set terminal to show data rather than man pages when I enter ‘networkQuality s’
Thank you for your thoughts.

What happens if you type /usr/bin/networkquality ?

Does /usr/bin show up in the output of the echo $path command?

The proper syntax is “networkquality -s”. The command is seeing your unprefixed “s” as an unknown operand (my guess) and respnding with the help.

Both “networkquality” and “networkquality -s” work on my M1 MBP running Ventura 13.4.1.

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Yes, I agree. That sounds like the solution. I assumed (and we know what happens when one assumes) that the original poster simply made a typo and left off the dash in their post.

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Yes, it is working now with just ‘network quality’ or ‘networkQuality’ or network quality -s. Appreciate the input. Not sure why it started working all of a sudden on new M2 MBAir15. Best.