Clearing up Google Photos space safely without impacting on iCloud Photos

I’m helping my sister who ran out of Google space (and can’t buy more because of Google weirdness about buying extra space for Legacy Google Suite accounts).

I moved a bunch of photos to her Google Photos trash where they are no longer counted towards her space and will be automatically deleted in 60 days.

Are there other precautions she needs to take to make sure the photo deletions don’t get synced to Apple Photos or iCloud Photos? She signed out of iCloud (upon recommendation of an Apple Support person) just in case.


A quick test with my accounts showed that if I deleted a photo from Google Photos and emptied the trash the photo got moved into the trash in iCloud Photos and also disappeared from my iPhone.

So what’s the safe way to accomplish this?

I was able to restore from my iCloud Photos trash.

Uninstall Google Photos from the iOS device and then delete the photos from Google Photos from a web browser?

I guess that’s one possibility.

It’s exactly what I did when I did this. I’ve been moving away from Google over time and deleting all of my photos was one of the first things I did. And Google’s products like mail, calendar, photos were really designed to be used on the web.

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