Cleaning after removing a Safari web app

While experimenting the Safari web app feature, I’ve discovered that creating a web app changes the context menu for handing a link in the web page, seemingly permanently.

For example, prior to creating a web app for Ars Technica, the context menu for interacting with links looks like this:

Open Link in New Tab

After creating a web app, the context menu includes two new entries at the top of the menu:

Open Link

The issue arises when deleting / removing the web app (created in the Applications folder [1]). The modified context menu remains as if the web app still exists.

Assuming that there’s a preference or setting somewhere, I’ve looked in the places that I can think of, like ~/Library/Applications Support, and /Library/Application Support, and various preference folders for a related setting. I’ve also looked to the Safari settings, without success.

My question is: How can one revert to the default context menu after deleting that web app?

[1] This is the Apple page about web apps for reference: