Chrome's rolling OS limits?

The Chrome app I have on my High Sierra machine is telling me I will need to upgrade to 10.15 in order to get future updates.

However, the Chrome app I have installed on a machine running Yosemite says I will need to upgrade to 10.13 to get future updates.

Any ideas why Chrome seems to just want me to upgrade two levels regardless of what OS I’m running?

Chrome dropped support for Yosemite a while ago, so my guess is that the old version of Chrome running on your Yosemite machine is only “aware” of the availability of the High Sierra update.

I’ve also noticed that some of the Chrome support documentation is running behind the actual software and still says that 10.13 is required for updates.

I have one Mojave machine still running, and Chrome, Brave, etc have been warning about the need to upgrade to Catalina to continue receiving browser updates.