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(Yashodhan Khare) #1

Any ideas for a check list app? I searched and found only To Do apps. I need a check list app - my application is to run through the check list repeatedly whenever I have to make a decision in my business. I tried an app called Things but it’s not of much use to me. If you could suggest any, it would help.

(Adam Engst) #2

It’s an interesting use case, and I’m curious to hear what people have found too. The problem is the need for a “reset” button that would clear all the checkmarks from a list so you could start again. Back when we were doing Take Control, we used Trello checklists for our publishing process, but that worked because we could create a new Trello card for each book from a template. So for each book, the checklists were empty to start, and full when we were done. So while Trello would work, it’s not quite what @yashodhan is looking for.

(Doug Hogg) #3

Sounds like a job for Filemaker Pro or Panorama — they are both customizable and scriptable — decisions in the scripts can be based on input entered into a field. :slight_smile:

(Adam Engst) #4

Good suggestions, Doug, but as much as I like Panorama X and its usage-based licensing model, it might still be quite a lot more expensive than a one-time purchase of a dedicated utility.

(Marc Z) #5

Have you tried Apple’s Notes app? It supports checklists.

You didn’t mention if this is for Mac or iOS, but it works on both and syncs nicely.

And it’s free.

(gastropod) #6

Yashodhan Khare wrote: “Any ideas for a check list app?”

I assume on the Mac? OmniOutliner does checklists reasonably well in addition to it’s many other features, and you’d probably only need the Essentials version, $10. 14 day demo. It’s on iOS too, $10.

If you only need iOS, Paperless from Crush Apps, $3, should work well. There’s a ‘lite’ free version so you can test it. It can sort checked items to the bottom out of the way if you want, and can easily check and uncheck all items, and a bunch of other handy things. Ikiru adds hierarchy, due dates, reminders and some other things at $5, but I don’t have it.

(Joseph) #7

The Notes app that comes with Apple products might be what you want. I use it for checklists sometimes. It would be good if you didn’t want an automatically repeating list. I’d make a template checklist in one note and then just copy it to another note whenever another decision comes up. Notes are named according to the first line, so put the decision name at the top and you’re done.

If these decisions happen on a scheduled basis, or you want it to repeat automatically, you could use the built in reminders app.

(Yashodhan Khare) #8

Many thanks, I really appreciate the support. I think you solved my issue.

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Excel is great for checklists, and Word is great for simpler ones. I used Excel for checklists and timelines at an old jobs, and they hooked up quite nicely. Another advantage is if you have to keep track of numbers. Pages and Numbers might work well too. There are lots of templates available for any of these.

(Smithcraft) #10

I like Google Keep. It’s an odd name for a list app, but there you go.