CES 2022: Another Year, More Tech Trends

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Jeff Porten virtually attends CES for the Consumer Technology Association’s annual Tech Trends to Watch forecast for 2022.

Meanwhile, when are 16K see-through OLED televisions coming?

Previously, my understanding was that Microsoft had been saying “the metaverse,” implying a single interoperable one. Now it seems that the company is going in the other direction, as per this quote:

“When we think about our vision for what a metaverse can be, we believe there won’t be a single, centralized metaverse,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said after announcing the deal on Tuesday.

I am very, very dubious about the metaverse concept. Or, more accurately, I’m very, very dubious about the reality of what might somehow be considered a metaverse. Conceptually, it’s fine as (dystopian) science fiction—fine, go read Snow Crash and Ready Player One. But in reality? O don’t trust any of today’s tech giants to create something that (a) won’t suck and (b) won’t be utterly exploitive. Apple probably has the best chance since it would be mostly content to make money on the hardware and subscription fees and in-system sales, whereas the rest would likely focus on advertising, especially since they could know exactly what you would be doing in-metaverse at all times.