CES 2019: ShowStoppers Demos Smart Ovens, Big Batteries, and More

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/01/15/ces-2019-showstoppers-demos-smart-ovens-big-batteries-and-more/

One company lights the world, another proposes to cook for you, and Apple teases Google over privacy while an open-source voice assistant ups the privacy ante.

“Enter Smarte’s Mute+, a $24.99 timed dampener that sits on top of your Amazon Echo”

Professor Emeritus Paul Brians English usage guide notes:
“When the vibration of a wheel [or an Alexa-equipped room] is reduced it is damped, but when you drive through a puddle your tire is dampened. ‘Dampened’ always has to do with wetting, if only metaphorically. ‘The announcement that Bob’s parents were staying home after all dampened the spirits of the party-goers.’ The parents are being a wet blanket.”

Another example: damping the Alexa microphone helped prevent the newlyweds’ enthusiasm from being dampened.

It’s a fair cop, guvnor!

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“DVRs have been around for a while to provide on-demand recordings of OTA…”


“… but the Tablo Quad ups the ante with four different tuners.”

Four tuners in an OTA DVR is not a new feature. TiVo has had four tuners in an OTA model since at least the Series5 Roamio, which was introduced in 2014.