Celebrate Steve Wozniak’s 70th Birthday on August 11th

Originally published at: Celebrate Steve Wozniak’s 70th Birthday on August 11th - TidBITS

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is turning 70, and he’s inviting everyone to celebrate his birthday with him online.

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I met Woz when he was on the book tour for his autobiographical “I Woz” book in 2006. Seems like ages ago now. He was speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia and a coworker at Apple had arranged to have me meet him in person after the lecture. Things didn’t go quite as planned as Woz got sidelined with many more people lining up to have him autograph his book and pose for pictures than they had estimated. People in line also brought Apple II disc drives and ceramic apples for him to sign. I waited patiently until the entire line was through and got to speak to him alone only for a few minutes, then walked with him out to his car, where he was being driven to presumably another event. There wasn’t time to get coffee or something to eat with him, as was originally planned. But I do have a photo of the meeting and he did sign my book. I also am one of the few people who has one of his aluminum business cards. Even with the little time we had, I’m still very glad I had the opportunity to meet him.


Just checked out the website. Great videos but also a very good charity project to support. I was checking out the merchandise but unfortunately only shipment in the USA. Does anyone have an idea how to order for international (Europe) shipment?

I guess they forgot my invitation.