Catalina is an IED

I’m not sure what you want from Apple here. It’s hardly new for Apple to upgrade their hardware or software in such a way as to make older software obsolete. They have done this several times in their history—indeed, something very similar happened in the transition from 16-bit to 32-bit! And, again, that’s ultimately a good thing. It lets Apple engineers focus on current and new features, rather than supporting years-old software. I feel the pinch too—I still haven’t upgraded from Mojave…but that doesn’t really bother me so far. I don’t feel like I’m missing out, and my current software continues to run just fine.

Your other concerns about Apple may well be valid, but I don’t see how they relate to the issue of making 32-bit software obsolete.

Holy Cow. I stopped using that when I gave up my Palm Treo. I didn’t know they continued that long. Hm…I’m still using Mojave, maybe I should hunt down a copy.

Let’s wind this thread down—it’s not raising any new issue that haven’t already been beaten to death elsewhere.

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