Cardhop Rethinks How You Use Contacts in iOS

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Looking for a faster and easier way to start phone calls, text conversations, or email messages with people in your contacts list? Cardhop for iOS from Flexibits brings the Mac version’s speed and elegance to the iPhone and iPad. Adam Engst takes a look.

The one thing that drives me absolutely insane about the native Contacts app is that it doesn’t support Groups. I read your previous article and this one, and looked at the Cardhop website, but I don’t see anything that specifically says I can create a group of, say, my colleagues on a particular work committee, so that I can send an email to all of them with one click.

I have always been able to create a group, ie “Siblings”, and I can address an email (in Apple Mail) to Siblings and it goes to all of them.

I’m not sure what you mean about not creating a group.
I create groups (smart and not-smart) by creating a group in contacts and dragging names in.

Smart groups, I just create the group and tell it to include a particular phrase - like “book group” and then put book group on every member of the book groups contact card.

I hope this helps/

David Tuma

Yes, you can create and delete groups in Cardhop (both Mac and iOS) and add and remove contacts from those groups.

Then, if you want to send the group email, you’d just type something like “Email groupName” to the natural language parser.

I can not create a group in iOS Contacts
However, If I create a group in macOS Contacts then that group is available (eventually) in iOS

In iOS Mail I can enter the group name (smart or ordinary) and the members of that group will appear for me to select

Yeah, I think this is something Cardhop has over Contacts in iOS.

I was commenting on several inputs from others that implied that groups could be created in iOS

“Whereas Cardhop on the Mac is a menu bar app that focuses on favorite and recently used contacts…”. I’m curious about ‘menu bar app’ part of this comment. Maybe I don’t understand the term, but I see Cardhop for the Mac as a welcome hybrid, allowing the user to choose whether Cardhop shows up in the Dock, in the Menu Bar, or both. Having these options is something I wish most Menu Bar-only apps would adopt. Fantastical 2, the calendar app from Flexibits, has similar hybrid features, in this regard.

You’re correct—I forgot that Cardhop on the Mac can work outside of the menu bar as well, although my understanding is that’s how it’s primarily intended to be used.