Cardhop 2.2.3

Originally published at: Cardhop 2.2.3 - TidBITS

Fixes vCard-related bugs in the contact management app. ($39.96 annual subscription, free update, 31.2 MB, macOS 11+)

After updating to Cardhop 2.2.3 on Big Sur, the app kept crashing immediately after I launched it. Went to the Flexibits | Cardhop | The contacts app you'll actually want to use. and downloaded the next version 2.2.4. All is well now.

Now if only they would fix the bug that involuntarily rotates any image attachment. Image attachment (like a business card or handwritten note or even a contact photo), SO useful but a huge PITA when every image is rotated by the software. Also, you cannot take a photo into the app, must choose one already taken.

Super useful software and I’m a subscriber, btw, for some years.

Cardhop is now offering 2.2.4 with that fix.