Can't send mail to myself

Restored BackBlaze BU from 2019 MBPro to my new MacBookM1Pro, both running latest version of Monterey. GREAT new machine! However, on the MacBookM1Pro,to test links in a message, I sent it to myself and it never arrived! Didn’t show in either, but another test revealed that it DID arrive for other names I addressed. After fiddling for a few days, I called Apple and the problem went up and up the expert chain. Finally, creating a new user seemed to solve the problem, but the NEW user account is a mess! Wish I had lived with the first problem! Any suggestions about how to proceed?

Check to see if you have any filters set up on your iCloud account to block messages sent from yourself.

I encountered a similar problem a few months ago, when I was testing e-mail on a new phone and I found that I had a filter set up to block this. I don’t remember if it was auto-created by Apple or if I added it in the past and forgot.

I’m not sure if they can be edited from macOS (I couldn’t find a location in iOS for this), but you can manage rules from the web site:

  • Go to and log in
  • Click on the Mail icon
  • Click the gear icon above the Mailboxes list to pull up your Mail preferences
  • Click the “Rules” link to view/edit the list

See also Set up rules to filter email in Mail on - Apple Support