Cannot access TidBITS in Firefox 91

When I rolled Firefox back to 90.0.2 with Time Machine, Firefox insisted I set up a new profile, so I did. That may have helped solve the problem, even if I didn’t realize it.

I use Firefox Sync to sync
Open tabs
Logins and passwords
So far I have not seen any more Firefox weirdness, so I may have solved the problem even if I didn’t realize how until you explained the importance of the profile.
Thanks, Jeff

These problems have reappeared with Firefox 93. Last night I tried to fix it (which I mentioned in another thread) by Refreshing Firefox and initially it seemed to work (although I don’t recall trying Tidbits). The only changes I made to my profile afterwards were to restore the search box at the right of the address bar, to restore Google News as my Home page, and to adjust Firefox Synch to only cover bookmarks, passwords and history. Yet when I try to go to Tidbits, Firefox simply does not respond. If I enter Tidbits in the address bar and press ENTER, it restores the address of the page it was on before. I have not restored AdBlockPro, which I had suspected of causing problems. I quit and restarted Firefox. Still no Tidbits.

The only things I have not tried are restarting the Mac and signing out of Tidbits, which I can access on Safari. I suppose it’s possible there is some access problem. When I tried Traceroute in Network Utility, it warns me:
Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, but does make a connection.

Tidbits is not the only site I have been unable to reach with Firefox, but I have not kept track.
Any ideas? I’m going to try restarting next, but am sending this first to document the issue.

The “warning” from Traceroute is no big deal. It is letting you know that there are multiple addresses (2 IPv4 and 2 IPv6) and that it is only going to try and trace the route to one of them. I tried tracing from my home (connected via Comcast) and all four traced fine.

What errors do you actually see in Firefox? I assume that you eventually see an error of some kind (even if it takes a few minutes)?

What do Firefox’s Network settings (a button at the bottom of the “General” settings page) show? In my case, I’m not using any proxy server and I have disabled “DNS over HTTPS” (since I’m running my own DNS server).

If you are using DNS over HTTPS, try disabling it. Or try changing its provider. Firefox comes preloaded with Cloudflare (default) and NextDNS, addition to letting you configure a custom provider. If your selected provider is misbehaving, it could create problems, and this is one connectivity feature that will not be used by the rest of macOS.

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Rebooted the desktop Mac, quit Firefox on the laptop, reopened it and was able to get into Tidbits on the laptop – but the desktop still will not go to Tidbits. I am stumped.

Finally found the problem – DNS settings deep inside Firefox. I compared them on my desktop and laptop and found they differed.

To fit the problem, I went to the Firefox Connection settings (at the very bottom of the General settings) and found that the very bottom the desktop was set to “Enable DNS over HTTPS” but the laptop was not. I unclicked the setting on the desktop, OK’d it (at the very bottom of the box), restarted Firefox, and the desktop displayed Tidbits. Triumph!


@Shamino called it!