Can’t Find a Webcam? Repurpose Your Wyze Cam

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Webcams for videoconferencing have become hard to find, so Wyze has released a special firmware version that converts a Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan to a webcam.

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This is almost too good to be believed. It’s just that my camera does not show up in the Skype video settings. Is this a cable issue?

No clue, but I’d encourage you to try other video apps, like QuickTime Player, and reboot if you haven’t already. That might shed some light on what’s happening.

Doesn’t work. I ordered the cable that is recommended. Will advise re. outcome.

One feature I hope is baked into iOS. Would be a good use of legacy iPhones.

A recent Macworld article covers how to use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. Most solutions aren’t Mac-compatible, the one in the article uses an app called EpocCam. I found another one called Iriun Webcam, I haven’t tried either one yet.

Yep. It works. Only problem: the display is inverted.

I can get this to work just fine in Zoom (using USB-A to USB-A cable… also works with USB-A to USB-C port if your computer has that).

However… Microsoft Teams doesn’t recognize it (I can select HD USB Camera from the list of available cameras, but then I get an error).

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