Calendar Agent not syncing to Mac Calendar Monterey V 12.3.1

I have had an annoying bug twice in the last week. One kind soul on the Apple forums identified the issue as Calendar Agent having a bug in 12.3.1 which they claim is fixed in 12.4 (not tried that yet). I had one meeting not showing up on my Calendar app on the mac and yet showing on iPad and iPhone as OK. Quitting (or force quitting) Calendar Agent made the missing meeting re-appear. Today an even weirder one had a meeting showing at 10:00 on the Calendar app - showed same meeting at 12:00 on all other devices including, teams, Outlook, Fantastical (trying this out) but not the right time in Calendar. Again quitting Calendar Agent and re-starting Calendar fixed it and moved the meeting back to 12:00. In case anyone else finds this. who has time to backup the iMac and install an upgrade - I need to do this when I have a weekend free. Simon

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No syncing issues w/ Mac Studio (OS12.4), iPhone 12 mini, original iPad Pro 12.9 (both 15.5). I am USB syncing, just to be clear.

Uh, have a good weekend… ;~}