BusyContacts 1.2.11

(Agen Schmitz) #1

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/watchlist/busycontacts-1-2-11/

Adds the capability to disable accounts without deleting them. ($49.99 new, free update, 7.3 MB)

(Michael Rosen) #2

In Apple Mail, when you start to type an address the program always goes to Contacts, never to BusyContacts. This was verified by BusyContacts support.

(Adam Engst) #3

Since Contacts and BusyContacts share the same database, does this matter?

(Michael Rosen) #4

I have chosen to not share the Contacts on my desktop with my iPhone via iCloud. I have thousands in the desktop file and maintain a separate much smaller Contacts on my iPhone, only those I’m likely to phone or who may phone me.

BusyContacts can import from a desktop Contacts, but can only sync via the cloud.

(Adam Engst) #5

That seems like a lot of effort for little advantage, unless you only deal with contacts on the iPhone by browsing through the entire list. If you search, or use Siri, it doesn’t matter one bit if you have 10 contacts or 1000 contacts.

Regardless, from the way you describe things, I’m not really sure how Apple Mail’s autocomplete is related to BusyContacts.

(Michael Rosen) #6

Thanks for suggesting I use Siri!

(@lbutlr) #7

I agree with Adam, managing contacts is something I gave up on ages ago. The amount of data is tiny and I never use the contacts app to scan for contacts, using either Siri or Spotlight. I have contacts from my eldest son’s elementary school and he’s just finished his second year at the University of British Columbia.

(Joseph) #8

I have tons of contacts as well. I still occasionally scroll through them on my phone for one reason or another. What helped me was just creating a group in Busycontacts and then on my phone simply selecting that small group in the contacts app as the only ones that display.