Broken article links when clicked in Gmail

When clicking article links in TidBits news, read in the Gmail app on my 12 pro iPhone, latest OS, 16.1.2, the links do not work. They blink once and don’t go anywhere, however, the “join the discussion” link does work.

Anyone experiencing this?

All the links or just the table-of-contents links at the top of the issue? Normal links work fine for me in Gmail on the iPhone. The ToC links don’t work in a lot of mail clients that don’t support basic HTML 2.0 anchor links. Mail finally does.

Hey @ace – great pic w/ the Yule Mule, btw…;-) Hope you are actually taking some time off!

I believe that ToC links you refer to are the issue; the third text block in the 19 December issue look like blue links and, yes, those are the ones I expected to work but don’t in the Gmail client/app, NOT Mail, on my iPhone.

I’ve never liked the Mail app anywhere but maybe it’s time to try it.

There are a bunch of email apps for the iPhone if you decide you don’t like Gmail. I do use Gmail there, since this ToC problem is the only thing that bugs me.