Big Sur public beta is finally available

The macOS Big Sur public beta just became available. It’s a huge download at a little over 12 GB. Good luck to everyone who has been eagerly waiting.

Note that if you are running Catalina and want to install Big Sur on an APFS volume instead of a separate partition you should make sure that you are running 10.15.6.

Apparently earlier versions of Catalina had trouble co-existing with Big Sur on the same APFS volume and would not get software updates.

Installed Big Sur last night and am using it now. I find myself liking it much more than I would have expected.

Some apps don’t work at all yet (Bartender and Karabiner are two I miss the most), but it looks promising.

The only thing I can’t seem to get used to is Finder’s new icon in the Dock or ⌘-Tab. It looks weird with the rounded corners. I’m sure I’ll adjust over time.

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I am registered with the Beta Software Program but I am not offered anything except that I am told that 10.15.6 is the latest version (which of course it is). Somewhere during the process there is a message " No Time Machine backup detected Your Mac is not currently backing up with Time Machine. This installer will give your Mac access to pre-release software. You should make a backup prior to installing any beta updates." I do have at least 2 back-ups.
Furtheron it says “Update not found - The necessary macOS version is not available”
Any idea?