Big Slow

My nickname for “Big Sur” is “Big Slow”.

Aside from the Finder failing to open the Preview and MS Word apps when double-clicking Preview and MS Word file icons after startup, my biggest beef with “Big Slow” is slowness of the Finder.

I have several folder aliases in my dock. When I click one of them, the folder’s files and sub-folders are displayed. When I hover over one of these sub-folders, the Finder is extremely slow to display that sub-folder’s contents. This continues down through the folder hierarchy.

This extreme slowness did not occur in Catalina, which displayed sub-folder’s contents virtually instantaneously.

Reinstalling Big Sur did not fix this issue.

I’m using a 27-inch Retina iMac Late 2015 with 24 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage.

When you say 2 TB of storage, are you talking about an SSD or a hard drive?

If it’s an SSD, something is very wrong, since vast numbers of people are running Big Sur without any such issues.

If it’s a hard drive, that’s your problem, and the solution is an external SSD, which we just wrote about.

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Thank you for your reply, Adam.

It’s a Fusion Drive.

So sad that it was so fast in Catalina but so slow in “Big Slow”.

I haven’t had a spinning boot drive since c. 2014 on any Mac, but I have not noticed any slowness in Big Sur at all. Some beta bugs when I have the betas installed, but otherwise it’s been very solid for me. Annoying and fiddly at times, but speedy and stable.

Did you do a clean install, or a normal reinstall?

I performed a normal reinstall.

Do you think a clean reinstallation would fix the slowness?

That would be the next thing I’d try. It’s a hassle, but if it’s not a hardware issue causing the slowdown, there’s a good chance some piece of installed software is causing it. A clean reinstall, restoring your data, and then reinstalling your apps is the best way to see if it’s a software issue. If you’ve not been able to find the cause of the slowness some other way, this is probably the next thing you need to do unfortunately.

Thank you, Jolin, for your comments.

I guess I’ll have to set aside a chunk of time to do this.