Bento working on Mojave?

People have been saying for years that Bento 4 doesn’t work with current OS versions. I’m using it just fine with High Sierra, and interested in whether it works with Mojave.

There are plenty of people saying it won’t, but this page says it “works fine.”

I’d like to hear from somebody that’s actually tried it, rather than speaking from theory.

Paul Brians
Bainbridge Island, WA

It’s a 32-bit app, so it will work fine with Mojave, but that’s it.

I highly recommend that you look at Tap Forms. I moved over to it years ago when Bento was discontinued, and since then the developer has added more and more features to it. It’s the database app that I always hoped Bento would be, but never was. Bento was a great start but then development stalled (even long before it was discontinued).

The developer of Tap Forms, on the other hand, is constantly working on it, very responsive to suggestions, and always helpful if an issue arises or you email him. Tap Forms can import from Bento, making the transition relatively painless. And it also has excellent syncing to its iOS apps, if that is something that’s important for you (it is for me). Basically, even if Bento were still around, I would have moved to Tap Forms. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Thanks, but I’m happy with Ninox. My filing needs are very simple.

Paul Brians