Ben Thompson Examines US Big Tech Legislation

Originally published at: Ben Thompson Examines US Big Tech Legislation - TidBITS

Confused by what’s involved with the recent bills proposed by lawmakers in the US House of Representatives aimed at curbing the power of Big Tech? Ben Thompson of Stratechery breaks down each bill and evaluates the impact on different companies, including Apple.

I am less concerned with Big Tech’s business practices which, in general, to me at least, seem to provide a consumer benefit, than I am with Big Tech censorship, manipulation of search results, and deplatforming of opposing viewpoints as well as their despicable and ubiquitous privacy violations. These bills are solving the wrong problems and punishing excellence and success.

I see power and control without the excellence. Only allowing lawsuits as a check does not curtail the overwhelming embedding of misinformation, the dishonesty, and harmful surreptitious practices. I glanced over the proposed bills and was quite surprised as to their extent. I see significant flaws but any real solution is likely going to be dramatic. If some of it gets voted into law, it’s likely that it won’t be enough.