BBEdit 13.0.5

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Maintenance release that focuses on fixes for niggling bugs for the long-standing text editor. ($49.99 new, free update, 13.9 MB)

[…] updates the “date last used” properties of files that BBEdit opens itself so that they now show up in the Finder’s Recents list[…]

To make this related to the topic at hand, is there an option not to add files that BBEdit opens to the Finder’s Recent Items menu? More generally, is there a way to control which files get added, either on an individual file basis or on an application basis? And even further off-topic, is there a (simple) way to remove individual files from the Recent Items menu?

I would like to use the Recent Items menu, but apparently I open too many files and my screen isn’t big enough. (I would rather not scroll through the list, so I’ve set a limit of 30 applications, files, and servers rather than 50. IMO, the list becomes unwieldy almost as soon as it becomes useful.)

Getting a little off-topic here, but I find the Recent Folders list under Go menu in the Finder often more useful than the Recent Items menu under the Apple Menu. Unfortunately, since it is not combined with the other Recent Items, I think that many people overlook it.

Thanks for that, Alan. I hadn’t looked at the Go menu in months (probably years), I assume because it didn’t interest me when I last looked at it. I can see it being more useful than Recent Items, and I expect to use it more.

Back to the topic of this thread (somewhat), I now understand that that the description of the update probably means the Recents item under the Go menu; I thought it meant the Recent Items menu. Thanks for that, too.

And back off topic, I can delete individual entries from the files in the Recents folder, which was something I wanted to be able to do with the Recent Items entries. So, thanks again!

Edited to correct the implied message of the italicized text: deleting an entry in the Recents folder deletes the actual item, rather than just a link in the folder named Recents.