Bad Apple! candidate

Has anybody else gotten this on their Max while trying to write a document in Pages?

This is the worst sign I’ve seen about Apple in the last 5 years, I think.

The apps that interrupt me to ask me to rate them get deleted off my phone, especially if they don’t have a “don’t ask again” option. I don’t think I’ve ever had an app on my Mac do this, but I’m virtually positive I’ve never seen a Mac app from Apple do this.

Before I delete apps that do this, I rate them 1 star for badgering me. If you don’t like an app’s behavior, I do encourage you to rate it negatively and explain why you don’t like the app. (Or positively, of course.)

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I have, and it’s entirely unacceptable.

Shame on you Apple.

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I was in a tight time deadline working on a Keynote presentation when this popped up on Friday. Bleh…
Like @jtbayly I have usually deleted such apps and given a one-star rating. But…

I feel such behavior is desperate neediness on the part of the developer, I expect better from AAPL

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I had it pop up after I had clicked out of Pages, which was even weirder and worse.

I was in a completely different app, and Pages was interrupting me to ask me to review it.

I can handle apps asking me once but I expect there to be a “Don’t ask me again” button.

This might be something worth e-mailing and saying you don’t like it. Apparently he is very responsive to reasonable comments.