Backup and sync has encountered a fatal error

Following the demise of the SSD in my elderly iMac I bought a Mac M1 mini. Everything has transferred over from my CC clone but now, on startup, I get the ‘Backup and sync has encountered a fatal error and will now terminate’ dialogue box from Google Drive. The error message suggests opening the Console for a ‘detailed traceback’ - but it’s empty of any info.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of Google Drive and the sync of files is happening in the background anyway. So what’s happening?

Look in your Applications folder for an app called “Backup and Sync” and if it’s there, delete it. I’m a little surprised that installing the new Google Drive for Desktop app didn’t remove it.

Thanks. I tried that and sadly it didn’t work. In the end it was a persistent permissions issue (that I don’t understand). I followed the terminal commands here and that fixed it. The console seemed to show that the Mac mini still thought it was an iMac and my log in name had become corrupted. Deleting the folder you described and reinstalling the app hadn’t cleared it.

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