Audio Hijack 3.6.3

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Adds the capability to capture audio from Siri and VoiceOver. ($49 new, free update, 14.1 MB)

Updating also updates the Declick, Dehum, and Denoise plugins, as described by Rogue Amoeba here:

Previous versions of these plugins used licensed technology which is no longer compatible with the latest releases of MacOS. As a result, these plugins were overhauled in Audio Hijack 3.6. While the new versions perform similar functions, they are not direct drop-in replacements.

If you were using these plugins in a session in Audio Hijack 3.5.7 or lower, the application will swap in the new versions when you update Audio Hijack. All instances of the new Declick, Dehum, and Denoise plugins will be turned off by default, however. Turn them on individually, then test and adjust your configuration to get the sound you’re after.

I haven’t noticed a difference, but I’m no audio expert.

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